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Budgie Breeders Queensland | Budgerigar Breeders qld


Budgie Breeders Queensland | Budgerigar Breeders qld

If you find yourself searching for budgie or as we call them Budgerigar / common parakeet / shell parakeet breeders in Queensland then this is the right blog to find answers to all your questions. I expect you will appreciate the writings relating to budgie birds which i have carefully bred.

People call me Adam, I live on the Sunshine Coast Queensland / Qld. I usually demonstrate Exhibition Budgerigars and breed them. 

Budgie Breeders Queensland | Budgerigar Breeders qld

The Struggle - Conserving the scarcer kinds of Budgerigars / Budgie

Let us now observe the Dark Eye Clears (DEC). It had been somewhere around the early 1940’s during the profession of Belgian by the German military that these Dark Eye Clears combined with the Clear Flighted Pieds seemed to be reproduced in the aviaries (which means a large enclosure for confining birds) of Mon Raymaeker of Belgian.

It seems to be that when a Recessive Pied had been crossed with a Clearflighted Pied, the young Clearflight Pied from this partnering reproduced attractive Dark Eye Clears which when ever breed back again to a Recessive Pied.

These were actually termed Black Eye Lutinos and sold off for an incredibly huge selling price in the 1940’s. In between 1939 and 1945 in Holland there happened a new transmutation referred to as the Dutch Pied. This new mutation likewise combined to a Recessive Pied found that the chick of that partnering placed once again to a Recessive Pied produced Dark Eye Clears.

WHAT PRECISELY are Dark Eye Clears?

Budgie Breeders Queensland | Budgerigar Breeders qld

Dark Eye Clears coming from their identity, are budgerigars of a clear yellow or white, divoid of any kind of marks and colour pigments. These appear like the Lutinos and Albinos with the exception of the eye. Much like the Recessive Pied these possess the solid black eye without any bright white iris ring.

My Personal Story

In July of 2005 I purchased 1 couple of Dark Eye Clears (DEC) from my associate Mitch, I investigated at the tiny things as they were definitely of a low quality, these budgies happened to be not much larger when compared to our indigenous bush Budgies. No representation on COOKIE anyway.

During my 1st year I had been in need of large quantities so I coupled Dark eye to Dark Eye, consequently of the particular breeding I managed to produce HUNDRED PERCENT Dark Eye Clears. All six baby birds were little with no enchancment in over all size.

2nd year, 2006 I coupled up Dark Eye Clears Budgies to Recessive Pied’s. These Recessives Pied appeared to be a nice line being from the SEAGROTT stud, holding a percentage of Mannes blood with in all of them. The new born chicks were now displaying a modest progress in mass and appering feather quality.

3rd year, 2007 I read a document to UK Budgerigar World by a breeder  from Italy who was also trying to breed the Dark Eye Clears. What he discovered on breeding a Regular Split Recessive Pied to the Dark Eye Clears was hands down the ideal technique to increase the size in the scarce collection.

This kind of partnering will certainly effect in:

1. Normal Split Recessive Pieds

2. Dark Eye Clears

3. Continental Clearflights

4. Recessive Pieds

Genes of the Dark Eye Clears

The Dark Eye Clears are actually, avian species that hold in their genetical make up, 1 predominant gene (gene for the Clearflight) and couple of recessive family genes (gene for the Recessive Pied)

The mix-up occurs the moment pairing a Dark Eye Clear with the common bird; we tend to then give rise to the Clearflights. Through this partnering we cannot reproduce Dark Eye Clears despite the fact that we began with one. In reality, the partnering would create Clearflights and ordinaire all split-up for Recessive Pied. What precisely occurs in this kind of pairing is the fact that the dominant Clearflight gene are going to respond and then the pairing is simply like a Dominant Pied to an ordinary. Due to the fact that the DEC had a couple of recessive genes in them as a recessive hidden form, therefore those genes will carry on to appear in the progeny as a concealed type as well, thus every progeny will certainly be split for Recessive Pied.

My Personal Budgie Pairing Experience Results :

1. Dark Eye Clear with Normal /Recessive  Pied

2. Continental Clearflights/ Recessive to Normal/ Recessive Pied

Hope This post was of some use to you people out there.

This is a Guest Post from a friend in Australia.


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