Monday 11 November 2013

Stop Animal Rape - ZOOERASTIA

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The practice of a human engaging in sexual intercourse with an animal is Zooerastia.

Stop Animal Rape, There are no strict rules against these evil act.
This is a call for all the animal lovers to come forward and sign up this petition so that the government is forced to make strict laws to punish people who do such evil deeds of abusing animals sexually.

Sign the Petition :  Stop Animal Rape - ZOOERASTIA

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Friday 18 October 2013

Taking Care of Your Puppy: 5 Things to Remember

Taking Care of Your Puppy: 5 Things to Remember. A new little puppy can be a really cute addition to the family. But, just like caring for a baby, it comes with responsibilities. Taking care of your puppy is of utmost importance as a pet owner. And, to do it properly, you need to know some basic facts. So, here are five things to remember to nurture a happy, healthy puppy:

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Few Benefits Of Pet Therapy / Animal Therapy

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A guest post from a fellow animal lover and a friend Cena Yong :

Pet Therapy | Animal Therapy

We have heard about hospitals around the world that allow pets to visit their owners. Animal therapy is also a common method to help hospital patients heal faster in many ways.

Monday 30 September 2013

Who Is The Real Animal? : Stop Bull Fighting

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Stop bull fighting
During a bullfight, the matador felt bad. Had dizzy and had to sit. Before anyone intervened, the bull - which had been attacked by the matador during this "show"(that both entertains people of low culture and with lack of humanity) - could have easily bashed the skull in of the matador but did the bull do that? NO, it can be seen from the image as if the bull took pity on the man and just stood before him, and to everyone's surprise, was just looking at him.

Thursday 29 August 2013

6 Month Old Labrador For Adoption


Adopt a Labrador 

A cute 6 month old [29/08/2013] Labrador puppy named CEASER is looking for a good forever home in Mumbai, India.
Anyone who is interested in taking Ceaser home can contact on the below details.

  • Call +919324699829 or 
  • Email :
-As published in "Pet Owners and Animal Lovers"

Adopt a Labrador


Wednesday 28 August 2013

Cop Goes Free After Shooting Kittens In Front of Kids

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An Ohio policeman shot to death a litter of kittens on Wednesday, telling a group of screaming children that the animals would be going to “kitty heaven”. But instead of firing the officer, the local police department cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Humane Officer Barry Accorti was responding to a report of a litter of feral cats that were located in the woodpile of a home in North Ridgeville on June 10. The resident who made the call said the cats were bringing fleas to the home and leaving dead wildlife in her backyard.  Twenty minutes after the call was made, the officer arrived at the scene. After spotting the five kittens, he told the resident’s distressed children that the cats would be going to heaven. Shortly thereafter, he took a gun from his vehicle and shot the animals to death.


Monday 26 August 2013

Stray Dogs Slaughtered In Puducherry, India

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PUDUCHERRY: More than 20 stray dogs were killed by unidentified people in the Union territory of Puducherry. This is the second incidence of mass slaughtering of stray dogs in Puducherry in the last five months.

Oulgaret municipality officials said they received a call from a resident of Dakshinamoorthy Nagar informing them that several stray dogs had been found dead in the area following which a team of municipal officials visited the place. They recovered the carcasses and buried them.


Thursday 22 August 2013

Emergency Animal Care and Rescue Numbers - Mumbai



A list of phone numbers if ever you see an animal in distress or in need of help in Mumbai , India. Some are animal rescue NGO and some animal welfare groups. Animal doctor /ambulance numbers.

Animal Rescue Number Mumbai


  • Ambulance Asha: 9820127085
  • WSD (plys in town): 9819100808, 02264222838
  • Omkaar Ramanugrah: 9619933223 (night van as well)
  • IDA Helpline Deonar Chembur: 9320056581 (sterilization center as well and night van as well)
  • IDA Turbe: 9819887632
  • Ahimsa Malad: 02228804195/9702268407 (sterilization center)
  • Karuna: 9819100100
  • Karuna Virar: 9967665568
  • SPCA: Thane - +91 22 3261 2344
  • PAWS 02225968314/13 9833480388
  • PAWS Nilesh: Dombivli(E) 98201 61114
  • Animal Welfare Association Kharghar: Ms Renu Rai. 022 - 32989415, 9323587158
  • SPCA Parel: 241333598
  • AMTM: Ganesh 9819380310, 9892929777
  • SOS: Shirley 9820141310
  • Anil Pachpute: 9702721218
  • Nanu: 9819626311


Petition - Punishment For Animal Abusers

PETA and PDI Bidema CHILE: Punishment for these people for animal abuse.

This is a NON PROFIT Blog.

The Petition was written in Spanish and the content you read are the exact translation got from

There is a video in which Nicolas Rojas Galleguillos, Dery Navarrete Vega and two other people mistreat a cat, repeatedly hit him in his head and then when the cat is near death he is thrown into the air on a tambourine (small wall) by allusion to the song "the flying Cat" and return to repeat this three times to release more. Clearly this corresponds to animal abuse and abuse of this kitten and such a situation should be denounced and punished and the people featured in the video are answerable for these acts.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Faith In Humanity - Restored!

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With all the animal cruelty that is taking place all around, the world seems a cruel place for the animals. But, there are some angels in the form of humans who care to save them, protest for them, fight for them and as long as their are people like them the animals do have a chance to live and be saved.

In this video you can see, all hope is not lost. Some people do care.

Bear Cub Tortured At Zoo - Animal Cruelty

I don't understand what pleasure these sadistic people get from torturing and abusing animals. Animals kill for it is their nature to eat and protect but we humans have surpassed them all by killing for the sake of pleasure. Torturing a helpless animal and laughing at its misery. These people have no empathy, and if they do they are sick to their soul.

Here in this video you can see how a bear cub is abused mentally and traumatized at the Everland Park in Yongin, Korea by an employee. You can literally hear them laugh and clap as the bear cub screams.


Monday 19 August 2013

Hachi, The Boxer and Courage, The Rottweiler

This is the first guest post that I received from an animal lover named Nimmi Chauhan. She is a proud owner of two beautiful dogs. A boxer named Hachi and a Rottweiler named Courage. Hachi is a 2 and a half year old female Boxer while Courage is 5 months old. They were handed out to Bhaskar Chauhan [Nimmi's Brother] who took them into their family.

Hachi , the Warrior Princess with Bhaskar Chauhan
Hachi dressed as a warrior princess in a fashion show for dogs, held in Mumbai, India.


Saturday 17 August 2013

Petition Against Dog Abuse In India

People from UK are fighting to save dogs in India. They are going to send a petition of 40,000 signs to the Chief Minister of U.P. [Uttar Pradesh] asking them to take strict action on anyone who harms a dog / Dog abuse in any form.

Petitioning CHIEF MINISTER of U.P. 

This petition will be delivered to:

DIG Range Meerut
D.M. :

Petition to save stray dogs

Join hands and add your signature CLICK HERE to help save the stray dogs. [Refresh the petition page if the link doesn't open.] 

Petition by
Cheryl house
Dorset, United Kingdom

Sign another Petition - Punishment For Animal Abusers

This is a NON PROFIT Blog.


Types Of Fish Tanks You Can Have

Types of Fish Tanks you can buy and the supplies needed.

If you are planning to set up a saltwater fish aquarium in your home, then there are different factors to be well considered. Firstly, you have to ensure that you have bought the right and necessary equipment before setting up a fish aquarium. Though there is no single right or wrong procedure when it comes to setting up a fish tank, you are required to follow some essential procedures.

When you have decided to set up a saltwater fish tank in your home, the very first decision you have to make is what type of aquarium you would want. There are many types of fish aquariums for saltwater fishes. Each of the aquariums involves a different procedure for setting up. These aquariums are called as Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR), Fish Only (FO) and Reef Tank aquariums.


Tuesday 13 August 2013

Dog Thrown Off The Roof - Animal Cruelty

Here is a horrific video, In which you can see an Egyptian teenager named Ahmed Fathy Faud Taye, also known as Ahmed Mido, throw a dog from the top of a building. The whole incident was recorded by one of Ahmed's friends who was identified as Bahy Saber, also known as Bahy Boogy, and Boogy. MJ . Bahy Saber, did nothing to stop his friend neither did he help the dog.

Once the video was released, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, ESMA rescued  all other animals that were with Ahmed Fathy Faud Taye. In the video you can see how cruelly the dog was thrown from the top of the roof as if it were a pile of garbage.

Monday 12 August 2013

Abandoned Labrador For Adoption

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Today, a 18 month old abandoned Labrador [male] was found at Khar, Mumbai, India. Now waiting for a real family that would take care of it and not abandon it again. Come forward to adopt him into your family.
Contact : +919821327618

Abandoned Labrador


Sunday 11 August 2013

Doberman Cross Puppy For Adoption


Adopt a Dog

A 10 month old [on 11th August, 2013] Doberman cross named Rambo in India is up for adoption. Looking for a good home and caring, understanding family. He is a very good guard dog and in good health.

For any detail Contact :  +919324699829 or
email at to adopt.

-As Published in "Pet Owners and Animal Lovers". 

Doberman for Adoption


Planet Earth Is You

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A 4.44 min video that is bound to make you think about you and Earth again. I stumbled upon this video by Carlos Chaviratv while surfing the web and I am glad that I decided to watch it.

We have stolen almost everything from our planet earth the least we could do is shell out 5 mins of our time to watch this video and change.

Hope is not lost yet. We still have time to right the wrong. We can change.

Save Planet Earth


Friday 9 August 2013

Animal Cruelty - Dog Sliced or Road Accident?

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A dog was found dead today 9th August, 2013 in the middle of the road today in Mumbai, India. +Christina Lobo Jha, an animal lover struggled to get people around her to help her move the dog but in vain.

This is what transfixed when Christina arrived at the spot. The situation in her own words "I got a call at 8 30 am today from my husband who was on the western expressway. Traffic was increasing and the road was blocked due to a dog that was lying in the middle. I called another bird rescuer to accompany me and he said " I saw it in the morning but I can't touch it. I am not coming to help sorry". I left the house and was there in 10 minutes.

Animal Cruelty


Wednesday 7 August 2013

Abandoned Poodle For Adoption

"Just found a Poodle in Kandivali, Mumbai, India. Abandoned Poodle! She was found by a young girl and well, +Christina Lobo Jha  was approached for help...She is on her way to Dr. Neelima and then will be in foster till they find a home for her...this is only the start of the day.. We don't know what more is coming...

So sad how these beautiful creatures are just dumped on the there someone who will take her home and love her forever...?"


Adopt A Stray


Tuesday 6 August 2013

Meet the UN-ADOPTABLE - No 1 and No 2


Meet the UN-ADOPTABLE - No 1 and No 2

Minnie and Molly are a 3 month old [5th August, 2013] female pups. They were rescued from a garbage bin a month ago and has been patiently waiting for a home.

Everybody in our country [India] wants a male child and a male pup. Female pups usually remain back on the streets or are returned back to the streets after being rescued and treated.

We are determined to break this trend and need your help. Sharing helps. Share till Minnie and Molly find a loving home. They are vaccinated and super healthy and playful. A ball of energy.

Call  +919821327618  to take Minnie home.

Adopt a stray
Adopt a Stray [Minnie]

Adopt a Stray
Adopt a stray [Molly]


Sunday 4 August 2013

Pet Fish For Home

If you are planning to start an aquarium in your home, then there are several factors to consider like your lifestyle, time and even resources. When you are looking for pet fish, you need to first research in a comprehensive and thorough manner before you buy pet fishes.

Type of fish tank/aquarium :


Saturday 3 August 2013

Lost / Abandoned German Shepherd - India

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Lost / Abandoned GSD near Abhishek Building, Juhu Versova Link Road, Opp Zaf Health Club, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Anyone recognizes this dog..... Pls call +919819849978


Lost Dog


Lost / Abandoned Dog - Mumbai, India

"Hi all. We found this cute thing running away from a group of vicious stray dogs yesterday around Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She seems to be well trained, is extremely affectionate and well behaved. She was very hungry when we found her, so its possible that the owner has lost her or she has been abandoned. She does not have any diseases. If you know of someone who is looking for her please contact me at +919819901820. Regards, Keshav Kumar."

Missing Dog


Thursday 27 June 2013

Never Do This To Your Pets

Many pets specially dogs get abandoned by their owners and the poor souls doesn't even know that it has been dumped. After taming them completely for the civilized life, keeping them safe from all harms and evil , One day they are left alone in the middle of the street or in some dark shady corner thrown back into the wild streets which is nothing less that a jungle to survive on its own, but they stay put and wait for their owner to come and take them home, which never happens. Completely unaware what its fate will be in this cruel world of humans. Unable to find food and water, attacked by other strays and humans, they wait and wait and wait for their masters to take them in their loving arms away from all this evil which never happens.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Taking Care of Budgerigar (budgie / Love Bird) Eggs


Fertilization Of Egg :

Budgies are opportunistic breeders. The female budgie comes into "heat" i.e. becomes ready for breeding only when certain requirements are fulfilled. Check this post for Budgerigar (budgie / Love Bird) Breeding Tips. A lot depends on the environment for the breeding to be successful. Many a times in birds both the male and female may not be receptive or ready for mating at the same time. A fertilized egg is usually formed only when both are receptive and even this is not an assured point that all the eggs will be fertilized. The unfertilized egg will look like a normal egg.

Monday 15 April 2013

Budgerigar (budgie / Love Bird) Breeding Tips


For breeding a Budgerigar all you have to do is create a favorable condition for the birds to fall in love and then let nature take its course but their are some essential points that you must know.

Budgerigar (budgie for short), Melopsittacus undulates, in India we commonly call them love-birds.

Friday 12 April 2013

How To Take Care Of A New Born Kitten

I have written these post on my personal experience of fostering a new born kitten.

How to take care of a new born kitten
My Kitten (Tinu)
A new born kitten, like most animal lovers know are very vulnerable to many small things which may skip our mind as a potentially deadly element for the kitten. I would like to share some of the important factors that may come in handy while taking care of a kitten, specially when fostering an abandoned kitten still dependent on its mother.