Wednesday 21 August 2013

Bear Cub Tortured At Zoo - Animal Cruelty

I don't understand what pleasure these sadistic people get from torturing and abusing animals. Animals kill for it is their nature to eat and protect but we humans have surpassed them all by killing for the sake of pleasure. Torturing a helpless animal and laughing at its misery. These people have no empathy, and if they do they are sick to their soul.

Here in this video you can see how a bear cub is abused mentally and traumatized at the Everland Park in Yongin, Korea by an employee. You can literally hear them laugh and clap as the bear cub screams.

Animal Cruelty at Korean Zoo - Bear Traumatized at "Everland" park.


  1. DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!

  2. Accounts fill the news daily about homeless animals, abused animals, corrupt breeders and other forms of animal cruelty. It's heartbreaking and frustrating link

  3. fuck that lady

  4. Punk ass bear. Should've put it around some adult lions. Would've loved to see it get rip to shreds. I'd love to get my hands on one of those little monsters...