Tuesday 24 February 2015

10 Tips for Keeping your Dog Healthy

10 Tips for Keeping your Dog Healthy

10 Tips for Keeping your Dog Healthy - pet care and share
 Being a dog owner can be very rewarding. Dogs have their own amazing way of showing loyalty and love to their owners without demanding anything in return. Thus, the least that every owner can do is to make sure that their beloved pet is healthy and in great spirit. A dog’s health starts from the inside out. Health is an active condition created each day through our own choices and actions. In this case, dog owners are the one’s expected to make these right choices. Follow these 10 tips to make sure that your pet’s health is at its best.

1. Provide the Best Shelter

The majority of dogs enjoy having their own space at home, thus it’s important that their bedding is dry, clean, and cushioned. Also, make sure they have enough space that will allow them to move and switch positions comfortably. If your dog prefers the outdoor, a doghouse with proper bedding should be provided. Be aware of the temperature outside when you leave your pet outside for a long time.

      2.  Supply Clean Water at All Times

Filtered water contains lesser toxins that can damage the vital enzymes and cellular systems of your dog. You also need to be aware that pollution may dissolve in water from the air, thus water frequently. If there are things like wild fires in the area, bring their water bowls inside to spare them from ingesting the toxins.

3. Good Diet

Make sure to feed your beloved pet with a balanced, holistic, and age-appropriate diet. Add some green and colored veggies to their food. Avoid feeding them with raisins, grapes, onions, chocolates and nuts.

       4. Avoid the Burning Heat

When it’s hot season, dogs may suffer from extreme dehydration, sun burn, and heat stroke. Make sure to keep their exercise and to a minimum and only take them to a walk every morning and evening.  It is also not advisable to leave your dog in parked vehicles as car temperatures can quickly exceed 90 degree.

    5. Groom Safety

When beautifying your dog, avoid cleaning and skin care products that contain toxic materials. Pets are highly sensitive to petrochemicals, which may result in coat and skin problems from improper products.

6. Visit Your Vet

It is important to discuss seasonal detoxification with your vet. By feeding your dog with the right food, herbs, or using some homeopathic, you can unburden your dog’s matrix and assist to keep things running smoothly. This should be done by your veterinarian who is trained in integrative medicine so they can tailor it according to your dog’s specific medical needs.

   7. Exercise with Your Dog

Take your pet for a long walk to the park, or you can jog and play some activities with your dog.  Doing so will provide your pet with the necessary exercise that is essential in maintaining a good health.

    8.  Debug Pests

Your pet’s body can be a paradise to parasites such as mites, heartworm, ticks, and fleas. Make sure you use easy-to-apply once-a month topical products like sprays, shampoos, dips, flea combs, collars, and powders to prevent these parasites. Additionally, a regular dose of heartworm medication is also helpful in preventing these things.

    9. Support their Health care

You can support charitable institutions that research on matrix physiology and complementary and alternative therapies. Such research can be a great source of information in the future that can greatly impact every dog’s health.

    10.  Love Them

This is the most important, free, and readily available tip that every dog owner should follow. Dogs are affectionate and forgiving creatures that only want to be near us, feel our human touch, and hear our voices. Always spend time to talk and make your dog feel loved and valued.

These are only some of the most practical tips that dog owners should consider when taking care of their pets. Following these things will ensure that dogs will grow healthy and happy.

This post was written by Joe from the Advantage Pet Center. Joe is a dog-lover himself and he makes sure that his pet is given the best possible care.


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    I am Ridhi Saran, residing in Bhopal. I am commenting here in hope of some help with tips on pet grooming. Also, I have some concerns which I am writing down below.

    I have a black cross-bread male Labrador dog who is 4 years old. He does not stay inside the house but we have a shelter for him outside in the porch area.
    I had adopted him 4 years back from a friend but due to time restrictions didn't get much time to train him well.
    He is a very happy and active dog, sometimes it is difficult for others to control him as he doesn't listen much and drags people a lot when on leash. I have lately started training him a bit by myself. Is it too late to train him? He has been very intelligent from childhood and learns fast too, but is quite moody and stubborn at times. Could you help me provide some online links to learn how to train and pet an adult dog?
    Since he stays outside the house, we try and keep his place clean and wash it twice or thrice a week but still he catches a lot of ticks and fleas.
    As he is difficult to manage, we rarely give him any baths, he doesn't like getting one (I think most dogs don't?). Thus he catches a lot of skin infections too, we take him to the govt. veterinary hospital here in Bhopal for the treatment and he recovers then.

    Lately, he has started becoming quite thin, whereas no changes in his diet have been made. He looks small of his age and one can see his ribs showing. I am not sure on what to do!
    We feed him twice a day and his diet mostly consists of Roti/bread and milk. At times in the morning we feed him pedigree or eggs mixed with the food.
    Kindly suggest me what kind of diet should I provide him to make him healthy back again and make his coat shine again.
    I look forward to a reply.:)

  9. These are awesome tips! I just bought my first dog and it's been so much fun. I love the tip about making sure your dog has a good diet. I feel like a lot of people just assume any dog food will do. I've recently learned that that is not the case, though. You've got to make sure to choose someone that is well suited for your specific dog. I didn't realize that grapes were bad for dogs. Thanks for the heads up!

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