Thursday 27 June 2013

Never Do This To Your Pets

Many pets specially dogs get abandoned by their owners and the poor souls doesn't even know that it has been dumped. After taming them completely for the civilized life, keeping them safe from all harms and evil , One day they are left alone in the middle of the street or in some dark shady corner thrown back into the wild streets which is nothing less that a jungle to survive on its own, but they stay put and wait for their owner to come and take them home, which never happens. Completely unaware what its fate will be in this cruel world of humans. Unable to find food and water, attacked by other strays and humans, they wait and wait and wait for their masters to take them in their loving arms away from all this evil which never happens.

This is truly one of the saddest video story I have seen and my heart aches to say but this is so very true. 

In Today's world where people disown their parents, dump them in some orphanages or old age homes expecting them to take care of their pets till the very end does seem to be asking a lot from them.

Just Imagine after spending most of your life in a city you are one day suddenly dropped right in the middle of the Amazon forest to survive on your own. 
Can you do that??? How would you feel???
That's exactly how a pet would feel when they are abandoned. 

Please be kind to your pets because they are not just animals... They are part of the family...


  1. Oh dear Lord. It is really very cruel of people who do such a hideous task of abandoning their pet.
    The facts that you have written has touched me my son. Hope it brings about some changes for the better when people read and watch this. God Bless you my boy and the pets too.

    1. Hi Ma'am,
      It is really a bad thing that people do such stuff to their pets. They all really love them when they were small and cuddly and cute. Just one more fact showing how cold hearted people can be.

  2. Anandan,
    My brother lived in SE Asia. He said people there (China, Vietnam, Singapore) are often cruel to animals and just say, "It's their karma to be animals and suffer," and they just don't care about the animal suffering. If so, didn't they become animals in this incarnation because they WERE cruel and unfeeling in a past life? So being cruel to an animal makes a person more likely to come back as a lower being... In the States I see plenty of intentional cruelty, too. Not to mention thousands of animals suffering and dying in slaughter houses for meat. Thank you for all your posts. It helps to know others care about animals too.

    1. Hi Katie,
      I am from India and the concept of KARMA is very strong in my religion but to tell the truth I don't care about it even if it is true. It has become an excuse for people to hurt animals and be guilt free. If there is karma let the guilty be punished but even then we should not stand around and let such animal cruelty take place.