Saturday 25 January 2014

5 Rules that Make a Happy Dog

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1. Rules
Here is something you probably never considered:  When you let your dog up on the couch you are actually causing mental stress.  Here is the thing, dog need rules.  The rules give them balance and provide a framework for life.  If you tell let them up on the couch one day and refuse the next, the dog becomes very confused.  This goes for table scraps as well.  If you give them scraps one day and then yell at them for hanging out around the table the next day, your dog becomes very confused. 

Pick a set of rules and stick to them.  Your dog will be happier if they actually understand how you want them to act. 

2. Understanding
Dogs do not see things the way humans do.  If they do something wrong, they don’t know what you are mad about unless you catch them in the act.  I have heard people say “My dog knows what I am mad about because he ran to his room and was cowering”.  This is such a silly statement.  Dogs can read body language.  If they see you get angry, they cower and run away.  They have no idea what you are mad about… they just know you are mad.  The dog then becomes skittish because they think their human has crazy mood swings.  

3.  Leadership
Your dog needs to be led, or they will assert themselves as the leader.  Dogs are pack animals and their life in the wild revolved around the hierarchy.  This ensures that the strongest dog will lead the pack.  If the lead dog gets too old, another dog takes its place.  This is hardwired into their genetics.  They do not see the excessive affection as kindness.  They see it as other members of the pack acknowledging the receiver of the excessive affection as the dominant leader.   If you do not offer balanced and calm leadership that asserts strength, your dog will naturally think it is the leader.  This leads to all kinds of problems, including a completely unbalanced dog. 

4.  Balance
Dogs need their humans to be balanced.  If you are constantly teasing your dog they get frustrated.  If you are a moody person, your dog gets frustrated.  If you are in a bad mood and try to get your dog to “sit” it will not go smoothly.  Dogs react to their humans and can tell what kind of mood you are in, even if you think you are not acting moody. 

5. Lots of Exercise
Dogs need lots of exercise.  You will never have a well-balanced dog unless you get rid of excessive energy.  They need to be walked, run, and played with.  Have you ever tried to make your dog “sit” when they are jumping around and barking?  How did that work out?! 

Try going for a 60 minute run, showing them their favorite treat, and then ask them to “sit”.  I bet you have a much different response than when they are full of energy.  Compare this scenario to a child who has been cooped up in the house all day.  Try and get that child to sit down and watch a movie.  I bet, however, if you spend an hour at the park with your child and then put a movie on… you will have a much different response.  

Make sure you walk your dog every day.  If you work a lot and use the excuse that it’s too dark before or after work, get yourself an LED dog collar or LED dog leash from and quit making excuses!! 

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