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How to Treat and Prevent Travel Sickness of Your Dog

                How to Treat and Prevent Travel Sickness of Your Dog

How to Treat and Prevent Travel Sickness of Your Dog
Many people do not know that dogs experience travel sickness just like humans do. Moving around with a dog can be an exhilarating experience. However, dog owners should be careful not to make the pet feel uncomfortable in the course of such trips.

Travelling sickness in dogs makes them unhappy.
Consequently, many owners find it better leaving the pet at home or under the care of a neighbor instead of seeing it suffering. The solution is to understand him, prevent the causes of discomfort and treat the condition.

How to tell that a Dog has Travelling Sickness.

  • The main method of knowing if the dog is suffering from travelling sickness is to understand it. Under close observation, its behavior can tell if it is uncomfortable.
  • Unlike humans, dogs cannot say when they are suffering from travelling sickness. When the dog is likely experiencing travelling sickness, it may be unusually uneasy.
  • If the dog is chewing something, it may excessively drool. -Another characteristic of a dog suffering from travelling sickness is vomiting.
  • If it whines and seems inactive, then travelling sickness may be the cause of discomfort.
  • There are many other symptoms. However, the mentioned ones are the most common. Other symptoms will depend on the particular dog.

Prevention of Travelling Sickness of Your Pooch

  • No one can prevent their pooch from experiencing travelling sickness. However, many ways of increasing the comfort and enhancing the travelling experience of the pooch exist.
  • There is a low probability that the pooch will feel uncomfortable if it travels facing forward. There are seat belts specifically designed to hold the pooch in its seat facing forward. It should not travel facing sideways.
  • For individuals who cannot access these special seat belts, they can use crates that not only hold the pooch in the right direction.Crates, therefore, eliminate the risk of a mess in the vehicle from the vomit. The pooch can experience discomfort if the air inside the vehicle is stuffy. The car should be properly ventilated and contain air at a cool temperature.

Treating Travelling Sickness of a Pooch

  • A person may do all the above preventive measures with little or no success. In this case, a person is not justified to give up.
  • Treatments for this condition exist. The best medicine for the pooch experiencing travelling sickness is an anti-nausea drug.
  • There are anti-histamines that reduce drooling and at the same time act as sedatives. In this case, the anti-histamines function as a tranquilizer and reduces the level of irritability. -Phenothiazine is a drug that acts as a sedative, while at the same time minimizing vomiting. Do consult the vet before planning a trip and using any meds.
  • Instead of leaving the pooch with a neighbor in order to have fun, the above tips can help an individual travel comfortably with it. Always remember to observe the pooch carefully for any signs of discomfort when travelling. It is the first step to ensuring its happiness.

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