Sunday 22 March 2015

Benefits of Having a Family Pet

People and animals have lead intertwined lives for millenniums. No matter how different we have become and how much we are changing the environment around us, we still stay attached to nature at least through the notion of having a pet. Earlier people would usually have cats or dogs. Today, however, as trends are changing, the number of our animal friends is becoming bigger, too. Fish, tortoises, budgies, even snakes and other exotic animals are becoming pets. However, we are going to focus on benefits that all family members get from having usual pets, like dogs.

Measures of precaution

It goes without saying that having a baby and a pet in a home mean that you should undergo a deep and thorough thinking process before you opt for a pet of any kind. If it is a cat or a dog, you should consult a vet to get advice on the best breeds for families. In addition to that, you should have your kids tested on allergens, to find out if they are allergic to dog’s or cat’s hair. Also, no matter how little the puppy might be, let it have a muzzle for the first couple of days, especially if it is going to be in contact with the kids. You certainly do not want to frighten your baby. First you treat it carefully and then the pet takes care of your children.

Share the care

When you get a pet when your children are still babies or toddlers, you can make both of them grow together and learn to care for one another. Although at the beginning you might get a substantial amount of stress, trying to deal with your own puppy and the canine one, it usually turns out to be the best option for everybody in the family. All the parties included in this relationship simply get accustomed to taking care of all the others. That means feeding, grooming regular visits to vet...That way the care is shared and it forms a strong bond between the parents, the child(ren) and the pet(s).

First steps of socialization

While your child is a baby, it does not meet other people too much until it starts attending a day care facility. That is why a pet would be perfect for this age. When we say a pet, we refer to dogs specifically. A puppy and a baby will make a great friendship pair, given that they are properly introduced to each other. The baby will learn that he or she needs to adapt to other beings, as well, and the dog will develop a special feeling of commitment and care for the baby. This will make our babies aware of the world outside the nuclear family and help us strengthen its social skills from a very early age.

A pet on board makes you move

Even when your puppy and the baby become older, the dog still has invaluable importance to the family as a whole. The most important benefit an adult has from a dog pet is the fact that it forces you to move. Even if your child spends one half of the day at school and sometimes sleeps over at your parents’ place, dogs have to be mobile. That will make you go out for a walk or a run with the dog. In such a situation, the dog keeps your fit and forces you to do exercise. However, make sure that you examine the dog’s hair thoroughly every time you get back home from a walk. They are prone to all sorts of insects and fleas. It is good to have worming tablets in the medicine cabinet, to give them first aid if you spot any unwanted organisms on your canine friend.

Families get rounded as a whole when getting a dog. Of course, dogs can be aided by many other pets, even cats, but it all depends on your own willingness to having them. Just remember that kids and pets are almost like kids and grandparents – an infinite source of fun and love. 


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