Friday 9 August 2013

Animal Cruelty - Dog Sliced or Road Accident?

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A dog was found dead today 9th August, 2013 in the middle of the road today in Mumbai, India. +Christina Lobo Jha, an animal lover struggled to get people around her to help her move the dog but in vain.

This is what transfixed when Christina arrived at the spot. The situation in her own words "I got a call at 8 30 am today from my husband who was on the western expressway. Traffic was increasing and the road was blocked due to a dog that was lying in the middle. I called another bird rescuer to accompany me and he said " I saw it in the morning but I can't touch it. I am not coming to help sorry". I left the house and was there in 10 minutes.

Animal Cruelty

The dog was dead and its body was severely mutilated. Whatever the dog had inside its body was on the outside. Liver, stomach, a big round thing and so much blood. I requested 17 men to help me lift him cause all his insides were spilling. everyone joined their hands and said no...but stood to watch.

Finally I gave one man my purse and my duppatta and said " here if nothing else then catch this!" I had a garbage bag and was able to fill the organs inside and then kept it inside the cavity. and then picked the dog and walked across the expressway.

When I laid the body down I looked into his blue eyes and I don't know whether it was him or the thought of the insensitive people that was hurting me...but my hands were shaking badly and a little boy came with water so that I could wash the blood off. I feel really alone right now."

I say this is cold murder. A poor soul harmed in the most cruel way. I ask all the haters out there.. Why? Why do such a thing? Just because you can do it? These are animals but you are human. You have the superior brain.. you are above these animals.. you ought to save them from harm but you harm them instead.
Be a human that Bhagwan, Lord or Allah created you to be and not a Shaitan or the Devils goons.

What do you say? What does this look like? Murder or Road accident?


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