Monday 26 August 2013

Stray Dogs Slaughtered In Puducherry, India

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PUDUCHERRY: More than 20 stray dogs were killed by unidentified people in the Union territory of Puducherry. This is the second incidence of mass slaughtering of stray dogs in Puducherry in the last five months.

Oulgaret municipality officials said they received a call from a resident of Dakshinamoorthy Nagar informing them that several stray dogs had been found dead in the area following which a team of municipal officials visited the place. They recovered the carcasses and buried them.

The incident sparked widespread protests by the animal rights activists and a Puducherry-based forum lodged a complaint with D Nagar police. The police registered a case against unidentified people under IPC Section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle of any value or any animal of the value of fifty rupees) and began a probe into it.

A team of officials from the animal husbandry department and Oulgaret municipality on Friday afternoon exhumed the carcasses of the dogs and took samples for postmortem to ascertain the cause of the deaths.

"The animal husbandry team exhumed the carcasses and took samples for postmortem on Friday. The cause of the deaths can be ascertained only after the reports come," said a municipality official.

He added that initial inquiries suspected the involvement of cattle rearer in the locality. "The stray dogs have been targeting the cattle and we suspect that the cattle rearers might have poisoned the stray dogs to death," he said.

Meanwhile, animal rights activists accused the government for being insensitive to their genuine pleas. "The government has failed to control the stray dog populace. It failed to implement the animal birth control programme - sterilizing the dogs and leaving them back in an efficient and effective manner. The situation is getting from bad to worse. This is the second incidence of mass slaughtering of stray dogs in Puducherry in the last five months and several incidents go unreported," said People Animal Welfare Society (Paws) president J Raghunathan.

Police said relevant sections of various laws like the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 could be invoked to ensure maximum punishment for the culprits.

In April this year, a group of six or seven men brutally attacked 20 to 30 stray dogs with steel wires and pipes and killed and dumped them elsewhere. The Lawspet police registered a case and arrested three men - L Kumaran from Pakumudayampet, M Purushothaman from Jeevananthapuram and S Palanivel from Kottupalayam. The accused are now out on bail.

-As mentioned in Times of India - Chennai


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