Tuesday 13 August 2013

Dog Thrown Off The Roof - Animal Cruelty

Here is a horrific video, In which you can see an Egyptian teenager named Ahmed Fathy Faud Taye, also known as Ahmed Mido, throw a dog from the top of a building. The whole incident was recorded by one of Ahmed's friends who was identified as Bahy Saber, also known as Bahy Boogy, and Boogy. MJ . Bahy Saber, did nothing to stop his friend neither did he help the dog.

Once the video was released, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, ESMA rescued  all other animals that were with Ahmed Fathy Faud Taye. In the video you can see how cruelly the dog was thrown from the top of the roof as if it were a pile of garbage.

Since, he was 17 years old at the time of committing the cruel act he was not punished and even if he would have been above 18 years, he would have been fined a mere sum of $30. Can you believe it? Just $30 to take a life of an animal, only if you get caught.

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The Dog suffered terribly for 3 weeks before it died.

Stop Animal Abuse


  1. So cruel, he should be thrown in same way

    1. Hardik, this guy has throw many dogs in this way and doesn't feel an guilt for what he did. There is another video in which he says it himself. Just cruel.

  2. I hope this guy burns in hell. ASSHOLE LEVEL: INFINITE.

  3. Him and his friend(s) are stupid, crazy and cruel. They take animals' life as game.
    They will go to HELL