Sunday 4 August 2013

Pet Fish For Home

If you are planning to start an aquarium in your home, then there are several factors to consider like your lifestyle, time and even resources. When you are looking for pet fish, you need to first research in a comprehensive and thorough manner before you buy pet fishes.

Type of fish tank/aquarium :

First and foremost, it is essential that you decide on the type of aquarium that you are looking for. You need to decide what kind of fish community or fish you would like to have in the aquarium. Some pet fishes require a lot of work and care as compared to others. Also, you need to choose the fish tank style and size. For instance, you can opt for aggressive fish, saltwater tank, cichlid tank or a goldfish tank. If you are a beginner, then it is best advised to opt for a goldfish tank or even a fresh water tropical community fish tank would be ideal. These two fish communities are easy to maintain compared to others. You may even opt for a Betta fish tank or bowl but it is quite limited in space.

Community fish :

If you want to keep several pet fish in the tank, then you can choose Community fish as these gel very well with different types of pet fishes. Also, community fishes do not need extraordinary water conditions. They also do not require being with other pet fish belonging to different species. Most of the community fish prefer being with other pet fishes that belong to their species. However, there are some like the tetras which live happily in fish schools. But, rather than just keeping one fish, it is a good idea to keep at least two pet fishes together so they do not get restless or bored and your fish tank also looks eclectic and refreshing.

Goldfish :

If you are planning to keep goldfish in the fish tank, then it requires a lot of care. They are tough to maintain but they live happily in cold water. You should avoid using a heater and also, they should not be kept close to the window.


The goldfish has a high metabolism rate and their food digestion is quite inefficient. Thus, they produce lots of waste. For goldfish, you should keep the tank stocked moderately and fit in a good filter. You should avoid keeping goldfish in a bowl to ensure they live a long, healthy life. Also, when choosing goldfish, you should not breed different species as the fancy varieties will not live happily with the standard shaped varieties. Hence, you should specifically choose one category.

Betta Fish :

You have to be extremely careful if you intend to keep betta fish in a fish tank. The male, colorful ones are not able to see far and also they do not move, eat or excrete a lot.

Betta Fish

They are ideally kept in clean water as they like to swim a little. You can keep betas in a 9.46 liter bowl tank fitted with a filter. Partially changing the water on a weekly basis is advised. Also, you can keep only Betta in a tank because they have an aggressive nature and tend to abuse other fish in the tank.


  1. I have kept single male Betta in a 10 gal tank, with little catfish. They swim a lot if they have a big enough space. They need shrimp and commercial Betta food. They're carnivores and only eat plants if they're starving...and then they die if they don't have proper food. They live for years in a big tank with a filter and a heater. Change 1/3 the water once a week. Beautiful, sweet fish. Don't keep them in a small bowl, that's cruel.

    1. Hi Katie Terrel,
      Thanks for sharing the knowledge with other pet lovers. Appreciated. :)

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